A row of J-Fat burgers.
In a country so rich with different styles of cooking, our approach at JFAT is that of a Artisanal, high quality version of classic regional American dishes, or as we often describe it… ‘Comfort Food for Foodies.’ ‘Artisanal cooking’ refers to food that is freshly prepared, hand crafted in small batches, and using the highest quality ingredients available. It reflects a devotion to an inspired blend of both tradition and creativity. Everything begins with only be best ingredients prepared from scratch each day to create bold, ‘crave-able’ flavors. We have sought out the best farmers, growers, ranchers, fisherman and producers in order to bring our Guests the highest quality food products available.

In all our half-pound burgers we proudly feature heart-healthy Mishima Wagyu beef that has been slow fed and humanely raised in the Pacific Northwest without any hormones or animal bi-products. Graded three cuts above USDA Prime, Mishima is uniquely flavorful, higher in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and lower in saturated fat than any other beef on the market. Our signature Fried Chicken utilizes all-natural free range California birds and, as a member of ‘SeaWatch’ we only serve species of seafood and shellfish that are on the approved renewal and sustainable list.

We invite you to join us in our celebration of all the wonderful American dishes from around the country!

At Jimmy’s we embrace the philosophy of utilizing locally raised (if it’s the best available), natural, and sustainable food products whenever possible and we strive to partner with growers, farmers, and fisherman who adhere to these same principles. We also feel the importance of giving to and being a part of the local community and charity organizations. The J-Fat philosophy also extends to outside our kitchens. We are also proud partners with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s ‘Seafood Watch’ program, serving only sustainable and properly harvested fish and shellfish species and all our meat and poultry are all naturally and humanely raised and harvested. We also are a nationally certified GRA “Green Restaurant” which involves water and utility saving equipment and techniques, the use of recycled building and paper materials and supplies, as well as a food composting program as we feel we must support a clean, vibrant environment.

Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern is proud to have implemented the following environmentally sustainable practices:

  • We do not use any polystyrene foam in our go-go packaging; rather all are biodegradable and made from recycled materials
  • We print exclusively on recycled paper and use only recycled materials for our disposables
  • Many of our building materials are recycled and we use energy efficient appliances
  • Drought resistant plant species are used in our landscaping and interiors.
  • Low flow water fixtures are utilized throughout the restaurant
  • We triple-carbon filter our drinking water system and serve it in reusable carafes and offer no plastic bottles
  • We compost all our food waste, where available, and recycle all our plastic, glass, cardboard and cooking oil
  • We only serve straws upon request in an effort to keep our oceans clean
It all started in Jimmy’s childhood kitchen, on the fringe of Boston Mass. At the ripe old age of 5, Jimmy lost his Mother. His Air Force Colonel Father had 3 mouths to feed, and had to be quick about it. Aggressive and lightning fast in the kitchen, the Colonel was hollering, “Get in here, food’s hot!” before Jimmy and his siblings could finish a game of checkers.

Eventually, out of necessity, Jimmy’s Father taught his kids how to cook for themselves. While other kids were learning how to chuck a baseball, Jimmy was learning the finer points of grade A ground chuck, and how to turn leftovers into legacies.

Between the Colonel’s short-order style, and his Jamaican nanny’s bold flavors, Jimmy came to savor straight-up, un-complicated, hotdamn-delicious, authentically good food.

Jimmy’s various career successes had him traveling left-to-right, top-to-bottom. In every city he’s found himself, his mantra has become: Find out what this place is made of, and eat & drink the best of it.

Over time, and in every neighborhood he’s called home, Jimmy’s become famous for his unfussy, nostalgic, Frycook-meets-Foodie specialties. One night after a legendary bout with the grill and somewhere between 2 and 12 outstanding microbrews, Jimmy decided to take it to the people. Rallying some of the best in the business, Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern was born.

Authentic, delicious, real… comfort food for the Foodie. Get in here. We’re bringing it!